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Last Minute Cruise Deals from San Diego

Last minute cruise deals are a way to get a bargain on a cruise from San Diego. There are pros and cons though.

If a cruise doesn't fill, the cruise line sometimes offers large discounts at the last minute to attract more passengers. If you keep an eye on the offerings, you might score a cheap vacation.

One of the "cons" of last minute cruise deals is you never now what will be available. Selection isn't good because you're choosing from leftovers. The voyage you want may sell well and never be discounted.

You also have to be flexible to take advantage of these deals. Last minute cruise bargains are only offered within 45 or 30 days of departure, so you need to be able to make a quick decision and be available to sail on fairly short notice.

The biggest "pro" of last minute cruises is the price, of course. It's exciting to reserve a cruise at a discount price.

The fun of being spontaneous is a thrill too. See a deal on a cruise out of San Diego that you like? Go for it, and enjoy yourself.

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