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The Destinations of Cruises from San Diego

Where do you want to go on a cruise? From San Diego you can go to Hawaii, the South Pacific, Australia, Mexico, South America, the Pacific Coast, and the Panama Canal.

2-day: Weekend cruises are the shortest.

3-day: Short 3-day cruises are an easy and affordable getaway out of San Diego.

4-day: Quick 4-day cruises are available too.

5-day: The medium length cruises.

Australia: Cruise to Sydney from SD. True TransPacific cruises.

Hawaii & the South Pacific: Round-trip cruises to Hawaii or deep into the South Pacific islands.

Mexico: Round-trip cruises to the Mexican Riviera, the Sea of Cortez, or Baja.

Nowhere: Getaway cruises. Nights at sea without stopping at any other ports.

Pacific Coast: Sail up the California coast to places like Catalina Island, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco.

Panama Canal: Four cruise lines offer cruises through the Panama Canal to Florida. You'll visit resort beaches along the way.

South America: Explore Incan and Mayan sites on long voyages to Central America and South America.

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